Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pictures from Vacation Bible School

Hey everyone!!!
This week was Vacation Bible School at our church. Everyone has been having so much fun- I wish tomorrow didn't have to be the last day!!! :( There have been so many workers and kids. Normally, the 4's and 5's are together, (that's the class I work in)  but this year they decided to separate them. We would've had over 60 kids in one class, and that would've been too much to handle!!
 The theme was Arrow Island- Choosing God's Way. The tune of the theme song was Gilligan's Island, and there were some silly pictures of the castaway!! (They changed the words around a little bit.)You know, you could also sing the Gilligan's Island song to "Amazing Grace"!!! Here are some pictures from this week. :)
Photo: VBS Starts MONDAY!!! 

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                This is what the stage looked like. 

       This was the 'boat' that Castaway Collins rode in.
                          This is the sign that was in front of my class.
                                          Here's a map of Arrow Island!!!!

                  4's and 5's class listening to the Bible story. 

This giant appeared for the last 2 days and the kids made him go away by singing!! It was a reminder for us: when giants come in your life, trust in God because He will never leave you!!!

                         He's going...
                                                            He's going...
                                                               He's gone!!!! Yeah!!

 Photo: The "Chancho Man" was hanging around today!  More photos soon!  Two days ago, Chanco man was hanging around! :) His outfit was pretty funny!!

      The 1st and 2nd grade class playing a game outside. 

  Today was cupcake day, so my sister made monkey cupcakes.
                 Aren't they soooo cute?!!!

  (Note: the noise you hear at the song was when Castaway Collins came in his 'boat'!!)
 To watch day 1's video, click here

 To watch day 2's video, click here

To watch day 3's video, click here

 I hope you enjoyed the pictures and videos. :)  I am going to try to post some more pictures and videos tomorrow!!!

Have a godly day!
With eternity's values in view,

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