Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tea Cup & Mug Exchange

When we sow bountifully and bless others
we will also reap bountifully
in this life of  friendships.
Every good and perfect gift is from above,
may we rejoice in the goodness
of the greatest Gift-Giver of all
and in the gifts of friendship
we have been given.

For the first time, I participated in Stephanie's annual
 Tea Cup and Mug Exchange this year. 
It was a great deal of fun, and I was 
blessed with a new friendship with a sister in Christ.
Stephanie pairs the participants up, and we each send some
goodies to one person, and receive some goodies from
a different person. In the process, you make two 
new friends and have the opportunity 
of blessing someone with a package full of love.
I had the joy and pleasure of sending some lovely 
gifts along with a tea cup to Abigail.
For me, it was really special to watch God work 
everything out with this exchange. 
 Before I received the name of who I was sending to,
I was out shopping, and I stumbled across
an Israeli cookbook. I took it just in case
the girl I was going to send to liked to cook.

When I looked at my email later, I was pleasantly surprised to 
find out that Abigail loves everything I do, including
dark chocolate, and she even mentioned that Israel 
has a special place in her heart. 

I'm thrilled God brought 
us together using Stephanie and this lovely exchange.
Here's what I packaged for Abigail.

Salinn blessed me with these lovely things, 
and I have already enjoyed the pink lemonade. (I'm saving the hot cocoa 
for those cold winter days. :) Thank you Salinn

I want to give Stephanie a huge thank you for 
hosting this exchange. I had the most enjoyable time, and I 
look forward to doing it again in March or April.

If you are interested in participating in the next tea cup 
and mug exchange, (I highly recommend trying it)
you can click here

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good 
works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."
~Matthew 5:16 

Until next time, remained blessed.


  1. Oh, dear Ashley! I am simply thrilled you too were able to participate in dear Stephanie's delightful exchange...I know that Abigail loved her sweet gift...the Lord surely paired the two of you!

    And oh my! What a gorgeous tea cup Salinn graced you feminine and lovely!

    Wishing you a blessed week...much love and hugs, Kelly-Anne

  2. Oh Ashley, I just love hearing how the Lord works. Before I pair everyone up I always pray and seek God's direction in matchin each lady up. It's my desire for friendships to form and blossom {{smies}} Learning that you bought an Israeli cookbook BEFORE I gave you Abigail's name confirmed that the Lord does indeed direct in this beautiful event.

    The items you received from Salinn are simply lovely and my, what a unique and beautiful tea cup! Thank you, dear one, for joining the fun. I am thrilled to hear that you would like to participate in the spring event.

    Love and hugs to you.

  3. OH! my such lovely and thoughtful gifts that you sent to Abigail and received from Salinn, this was indeed a great way to meet and make new friends, I have enjoyed this so much, have a blessed day,

  4. Hi Ashley! Lovely treasures coming to you and sent by you! The Israeli cookbook was a great find and truly Providential to the purpose! I, too, found a kindred spirit in the Lord through the exchange. Love a new prayer partner!
    Joy to you!

  5. I love both those tea cups! It looks like you must have had a really fun time participating in this! :)

  6. How wonderful to see God at work! The teacup you received is so unique. Thank you for sharing your delights. ~Heather

  7. This was my first time this year, too - and I have had such a fun time!

    Loving all the treasures you shared- both going and coming to you! You are right though - it is such a blessing, but the best part of the friends we meet along the way. for sure.

    God bless always!


  8. You were blessed with a wonderful gift! It has truly been fun! Lynn

  9. I'm so glad enjoy Stephanie's swap! The package you put together for Abigail is wonderful and she really loved it!!! I find it so interesting that you found the cookbook just for her, before you were her partner!

    The butterfly teacup you received from Salinn is so pretty...I love it!!!

    I can't wait to play again next time!!!

  10. From clicking on your lovely blog and seeing those golden daffodils swaying beautifully in your header I knew I was in for a treat. I love your pretty tea cup and saucer with those butterflies fluttering around the cup and saucer. lemonade, how refreshing and some ambrosial cocoa.....the perfect thing for a cold wintry day. 'Tis lovely to happen upon your blog and be delighted in your lovely gifts.

  11. So many pretty teacups! I love to see what everyone got and you got some great stuff. What a fun exchange!


  12. This is fantastic! I love the idea. :)

  13. What lovely packages! I'm all a flutter over your pretty teacup from Salinn!

  14. Oh Ashley~ I loved hearing your story about the cook book. Isn't good just amazing, and we know that He has His hands in everything.
    Your have certainly received some lovely treasures, bless your sweet heart.
    It's nice to hear that you enjoyed the exchange.

    Many blessings to you~ Mrs Debbie

  15. Hi Ashley,
    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and left a sweet comment! This was such a fun and rewarding event and yes, God is in the midst of it. :) I think your cookbook purchase was just one of the signs He was guiding us. The gift you sent and the one you received are both just awesome! Such kind and generous hearts in this exchange ~

    I'm a new follower and look forward to getting to know you!

  16. Hello Dear Sweet Pumpkin,
    I love your enthusiasm for doing these kinds of things! You received some very nice things and you also sent out some nice things. I liked how you did your notebook!! Looking forward to the surprise exchange that you have coming up!! Love you Sooo much, Your best friend forever!!!!!

  17. These exchanges are always such fun and a huge blessing too! All the goodies are lovely, especially your butterfly tea cup. I'm looking forwarding to participating in the Spring.

  18. Hello Ashley~ it is so nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by and reminding us all to let our light shine.

  19. Ashley, a wonderful blog post! I love the different. It's fun to see what everyone comes up with to send to their new blogger friend.

  20. What a lovely teacup! The butterflies are so pretty.

  21. Thank you again of the lovely cup and gifts you sent me ... they were such a blessing and special treat! The whole process was so fun - shopping and packaging up the things, and then getting lovely treasures in the mail! I'm also very much looking forward to getting to know you better! Blessings!


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