Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Giveaway To Honor Mothers

Dear friends,

As you know, Mother's Day is rapidly approaching. Because mothers are so special and unique, a gift of God, I wanted to do something a little extra special for mothers. So, in honor of mothers, I am offering an exclusive Mother's Day giveaway, available only to moms.

I want to give a huge thank you to Victoria @ Ruffles and Grace, and Sarah @ The King's Blooming Rose Ministries for sponsoring this giveaway.  There are two different prizes, so there will be two winners.                            The prizes are:

 This Scripture Stationary Set from The King's Blooming Rose,

 and a headband set (2 headbands) made by Victoria.

The winner of the headband set will be able to pick from any of the following colors.
This giveaway will end on May 8th at 6:00 AM EST, and the winner will be announced later that day. The giveaway is only open to all moms who live in the U.S.A. 
To enter, just answer this question below in the comments:
What is your favorite thing about being a mother? 
Please state which item you would like to win.

Have a joyful day!
Blessings in Christ,


  1. Hi Ashley,
    What a nice giveaway. I wish I could enter it. Of course I am to young to enter though. I have not looked at your blog in a little while. The head bands are pretty, but I would not wear it. The stationary is very pretty. Back to school now. Deborah

  2. My favourite thing about being a mother has evolved and changed constantly throughout my children's lives. Now that my children are getting older, I think my favourite thing is seeing the people that they have become. Knowing that my husband and I raised that person from an infant and helped to create the awesome person that they have become. More interestingly is the fact that each of my three children are all so very different from one another, making the joy even greater. I know that as they get just a little bit older and head out into the world, they will contribute to others' lives in a significant and positive way. Adding so much to a world that seems to be in a constant state of despair. ~Nicole Rich

  3. Such a generous giveaway Ashley! I would be honored to enter, and thank you so much for a chance to win these lovely things! May the Lord bless you and your mother tomorrow on Mother's Day :)

  4. My favorite thing about being a mom is getting to see my children grow up and develop their individual personalities. My children have been such a blessing to me.

  5. Thank you Ashley for sharing your blog with me! and this generous giveaway :) - I like the headband :)
    My favorite thing about being a mother is the gift of experiencing and witnessing and contributing (thank you Lord for grace!) to a human growing - physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually,...
    What a joy!! (and some days were very long :))
    neighbor Carol Gasser

  6. Oh Ashley! I'm so excited to be a winner! I would like to honor your mother, and let her pick out the prize she wants, such a special lady to have raised such a lovely daughter as you! You just send me whatever you can, I will be thrilled with it! May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His presence :)


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