Saturday, August 27, 2016

'Tis the Season for Alligator Hunting

Hey Ya'll!!
I apologize for the sporadic posting.  There's been many exciting things happening, one of which I'm about to tell you. Enjoy.
A man in our church, Robert, has a youtube channel, and my sister has been viewing his videos for a while. He has videos of him hog hunting, deer hunting, and alligator hunting. My sister really wanted to go alligator hunting, and he offered to take us. My mother filled out the form for a hunting permit online, and not long after that, two tags arrived in the mail, along with all the paperwork. Two tags = 2 gators. How exciting is that!
On August 15th, my parents, Sarah, and I drove to a lake 90 miles north of where we live and met Robert and his wife. (In case you were wondering where Lauren and Deborah were, they stayed with our neighbor.) We loaded up in the boat and set out to catch our first gator. WPTV Channel News 5 joined us to record the first catch of the season. At 5:00, the season officially opened. {{Now the real fun begins. ;) }}
After casting the bait and waiting a while, a gator finally came up and swallowed it. Sarah started reeling in the line. Robert hit it with a harpoon once it was pulled up beside the boat, but that doesn't kill it. Sarah then killed it with a bang stick, and the 8 foot gator was pulled into the boat. She tagged the gator right away and it was officially hers. :) {{Cheers for Sarah!!!}} Sarah was even asked by the news reporters if she would do an interview with them once we drove back to the dock. If you'd like to view a video, click on this link.
 The fat 8 foot male alligator Sarah caught.

  On Friday, August 19, Daddy, Sarah, Lauren and I met up with Robert and his nephew to go catch another gator. And this time, we determined it was going to be a bigger one than 8'. :D
Sure enough, we ended up snagging a 10'8" gator!  This time I killed it with the bang stick. Well, I should say I shot it with the bang stick, but the gator wasn't fully dead when we dragged him into the boat.
After arriving at the dock, we set the gator up to take some pictures. We even put it back in the water to take some cool photos. 
And so ended the exciting adventure of our gator hunting. Would I do it again? Oh yes. Most definitely. (And Sarah would too. :)
Have you ever gone gator hunting? For that matter, have you ever gone hunting of any kind? I'd love to hear about your adventures.  :-) Leave a comment below!


  1. How fun! I will have to show my brothers tomorrow! They will think that is neat.:) Congratulations on the big gators you girls brought in!:)

    The only kind of hunting I've done is Deer and Squirrel, but haven't ever gotten anything. I haven't even gone in a couple years.

  2. Oh, wow, Ashley...I am truly impressed! I doubt I would have been able to stomach alligator hunting...{{smiles}}
    Well done to you and dear Sarah...I am so happy to hear you had a great time!
    Blessings and love!

  3. Whew! You have way more courage than I do! I don't like to get anywhere near a gator, even if I am in a boat!! LOL! So happy you all got to have this experience together! God bless you and your dear family. ;)

  4. Wow! My brother would so love to go gator hunting! Me, ... maybe!
    So neat!

  5. Oh. my. GOODNESS!
    Being from Portland, Oregon, we never see gators. Let alone HUNT them.
    In my corner of the woods, a nice deer (or if you're lucky) a bear is a golden catch!
    This is quite impressive, I must say. :)

    Many blessings in Christ to you, dear sister.


  6. Hi Ashley, I wish I could have went with you, but I was sick. I will go with you next year. I love to go gator hunting, deer hunting, or any kind of hunting. I have had a busy day. Got to go now. See you later alligator. Deborah

  7. Nice! I didn't even know people hunted gators. XD


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