Friday, September 30, 2016

Old MacDonald Has a Shell

Today's Creation Moment: Old MacDonald Has a Shell
Genesis 4:2b  "And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground."

Until recently, it was thought that, excluding mankind, only a few insects, beetles, ants and termites actually farmed crops for their food supply. Then an amazing snail was found.
Salt marsh in Connecticut, US. Courtesy of Alex756The snail lives on the leaves of plants growing in East Coast salt marshes. This amazing snail cuts long gashes down the leaves of cord-grass. It doesn't eat the cord-grass. Rather, it waits. Before long, a fungus begins to grow on the gash, aided by the snail's own droppings. Moreover, without the fungus, the snails do not thrive, hardly even grow, and almost half of their young die. However, when the fungus is available, they thrive and grow, losing almost none of their young.
Now the question must be asked: How could this arrangement evolve? How did these snails exist before they discovered that they needed this fungus? How did they learn to grow the fungus? If they evolved from snails that didn't need the fungus, how did they discover that they all-of-a-sudden needed the fungus? The most straightforward answer is that the same Creator Who taught us to farm also taught these snails to farm when He made them and the fungus they need to survive. He knows all of our needs before we do and provides what we need, including the forgiveness of sins, eternal life and salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Today is the last day of Creation Moment month. I hope you all enjoyed learning about God's creation. Which creation moment was your favorite? :) 


  1. I really enjoyed reading these fascinating aspects of God's creation. My favorite one was the entry about the Rube Goldberg Flukes. Incredible!

    Becky G.

  2. What a great series you have put together! I haven't had a chance to read all of your posts, but looking over at the sidebar and the list of your posts, you have shared a wide range of information here, and how wonderful is that! Appreciate you and your dear heart for the Lord!

  3. This has been a most enjoyable series! The one that fascinated me the most was the post you wrote about the iguanas that can stop their heartbeat. Scientists will be trying to figure that out for years to come!


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