Saturday, October 15, 2016

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Hello friends!
On Sunday I realized I hadn't posted but once since
September 30th. Speaking of which, our family took a 
short 3-day weekend trip up to see Sarah at Pensacola
Christian College. We spent all day Friday driving, most of Saturday
at the college, and left on Sunday morning. While there, we spent alot of time
in the college's sports center. It contains so many fun activities to try, 
some of which include ice skating, in-line skating, bowling, playing
pool and air hockey, and climbing the prodigious rock wall, which
can be a great deal of fun, but also quite tiring. :)
 Sadly, Lauren came down with the fever and cough while we were up there, so she
 didn't get to enjoy the sports center at all. :(  If you all think of Sarah, please pray for her. 
She has a couple really hard classes and mid-terms are coming up next week.
 Moving on........  
Meet Cookie.

As of October 4th, Cookie now lives in our yard. Deborah is taking
care of her till January, which is when she'll enter Cookie in the fair. The pig will then be sold to the highest bidder, and taken to a butcher house. She might just end up in one of the local restaurants.
Yes, it is sad, but such is the life of "fair pigs".   :) 
When Cookie arrived, Lacy was so cute as she sniffed out the newcomer. 
On Saturday, the 8th, she took a mud bath. Afterward, she ran
around all frisky like. :) Taking a mud bath keeps the ticks, bugs and sun
 off pigs. 
 Late Thursday night, October 6th, hurricane Matthew hit. It ended sometime 
in the wee hours of the morning on Friday, the 7th. The hurricane was a 
category 4, but since it was so far off the coast, it only affected us as a 
category 1. The Lord kept us damage was done. We're so very thankful it
 didn't hit our area as a category 4...much damage would've ensued. Praise be to 
the Lord! However, our yard does have a large number of palm trees. In the morning, 
it looked like a bomb had been detonated...palm branches were everywhere!!!! 
Most of the family spent at least a quarter of the day riding around the yard picking up 
branches. There is now a humongous pile sitting out by the road,  waiting to be disposed of. 
There's a big pile of sand out back, and while cleaning up, look what we discovered:
 The winds and rain made little mounds of sand and each mound had a shell on top, 
making it look like a house with a roof. :) 

Here are some pictures I took on Sunday.




Have you ever heard of Rush Revere
They recently hosted a contest on their website for a chance to win
books for your school for a year. To enter, you had to write about your
schoolroom, so I entered and wrote a short paragraph about our "schoolroom."
I mentioned that we would love to read their History books. (We've heard
they are wonderful.) Much to my delightful surprise, a large box arrived Thursday
evening, and guess what was in it?! Rush Revere had sent me two of their history 
books, a handwritten note, and a Ted-Tea Bear!  I was so thoughtful
it was of them to send me a gift! :D I've started reading one book, but my
 little sister has already devoured it, and absolutely loved the story. I asked
her if she would share her thoughts about the book.

"The book I read was called Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.  I would highly recommend
 it to all of you book lovers, especially History book lovers. It is exciting, fierce, adventurous, awesome, historic, and most of it true. It was about a substitute teacher named Rush Revere,
and he and his horse Liberty could travel back in time to the Puritans and Mayflower.
I love it and I am  starting to read the second book called Rush Revere and the First Patriots. I actually read  the first book in one day. I was soooo addicted to reading the book. I just couldn't
stop put it down!   I also want to say thank you to Ashley for letting me share my thoughts on her blog.  If you haven't already heard of these books, go and check them out on their website above."

Hope you all have a good and godly weekend!
Love in Christ,
2 Corinthians 3:17
Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.


  1. Hey Ashley,
    Like the post. Especially my piggy.

  2. Sounds like you've been busy!
    I heard about hurricane Matthew. It struck Haiti really bad. There was a lot of damage. Praying for quick clean up and safety!

  3. So thankful you all are safe from the storm, Ashley.

  4. So glad you're okay! :) And I love your pictures!

  5. Good thing you all were ok during the hurricane! Such curious little mounds, I've never heard of things like that happening.

  6. I am glad you are okay from the hurricane. How neat about the sand and shells. Wow!!!

  7. Loved reading this post, Ashley. Glad you all were ok during the hurricane!

  8. Those pillars of sand that the hurricane left behind are amazing! I am quite fascinated by the pictures! I wonder how, exactly, they came about. ??


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