Saturday, July 15, 2017

Set - Apart Femininity ~ Book Review

Set Apart Femininity
By: Leslie Ludy 

About the book:  
Do you long for something more than the shallow, self-focused, pleasure-seeking femininity so prevalent today? Do you want a focus beyond chasing male approval and pop-culture appeal? Do you need a fresh vision of God’s amazing purpose for your life as a young woman? Are you ready to become one of the few in this generation who will make an eternal impact upon this world?
This book tackles key issues you’re facing today, like:
  • Unlocking God’s sacred call upon your life
  • Understanding God’s pattern for true feminine beauty
  • Captivating the heart of a Christ-like guy
  • Aligning your daily existence with God’s priorities
  • Finding real fulfillment by living a poured-out life
Discover Set-Apart Femininity. In this powerful, candid, and conversational book you will gain a compelling vision for femininity that can forever alter your existence and take you far beyond the unfulfilling trends of modern culture. This book is not the same old mediocre message you’ve always heard. It’s a radical call to a counter-culture lifestyle in which every aspect of your femininity—from the way you relate with guys to the focus and direction of your life—is shaped by an intimate relationship with the King of kings. It’s the kind of heroic femininity that the world-changing women of history understood. And it’s well within your grasp, no matter where you’ve been.
Get ready to experience the lost art of set apart femininity—and find what you’ve been searching for. Great for teens, college-aged women, and singles.

My thoughts: 
I've heard marvelous things about this book, and was excited to read it. However, I was a little disappointed when I started reading. The first chapter contained information about how young girls dress nowadays, and it gave too many unnecessary details that I don't think our minds should be dwelling on. I didn't care to read much of the first chapter. The third chapter was entitled "Sacred Priority and talked about femininity that captivates the masculine heart. Sadly, it talked about things that aren't appropriate for many young girls to read, howbeit, there were three pages at the end that contained some really good and embolden information. The theme of it is encouraging young girls and ladies to live a set-apart life. If Christ is your Redeemer, then you are called to be set-apart and different. You (and your heart) belong to Jesus - not the world. I like what the writer says in chapter 4 ("Sacred Decorum- raising femininity to heavenly heights): Is Jesus Christ merely a part of your life? Or is He your entire life?  Overall, I enjoyed most of the book and other than the two sections I mentioned above, found it both helpful and encouraging. I would recommend this book for girls of ages 18 and up. If you do read it, I also suggest having your mom read it first so she can mark or tear out anything that's not suitable to read.

I received this book from Set Apart Girl  in exchange for an honest review.

I hope all you dear readers have a lovely weekend!  

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  1. I read this book about a year ago and was very encouraged by it. I can agree though, it's not for young readers!


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