Sunday, November 26, 2017

Worth It All ~ Book Review

Worth It All
By: Isabella Morganthal
About the Book:
We are all running a race.
A race that will change our lives…
This is the personal race--the journey—to know Jesus more deeply than we could even imagine, and live completely dedicated to Him. It’s the race of a lifetime. In her third book, Worth it All, National Bible Bee Alumnus Isabella Morganthal shares about her journey as a Bible Bee contestant for five years. Comparing her time as a contestant to a race, she encourages readers to run their own race of knowing Jesus well.
Worth it All is meant to inspire you to live for Jesus radically in a way that shows the world He is worth more to you than anything or anyone else.
So if you’re willing to step onto the racetrack for the race of your life, begin reading.
Ready? Set…

My Thoughts:
Isabella did a very nice job of writing this book. I found it interesting to read what she saw and felt as she competed in the Bible Bee. I watched the Bible Bee competition two years ago online, and I remember seeing Isabella recite her verses up there on the stage. She certainly grew in the Lord and learned much from memorizing such large portions of Scripture. Isabella shares the tips she used to memorize her verses, and throughout the book, gives glory to God for everything that happened during her years as a Bible Bee contestant. She also kept encouraging the reader that Jesus is worth everything. I thought she could have talked a little more about the Christian's race, but overall, I really enjoyed it. It was an amazing, inspiring, and encouraging book!  I'd say that those ages 12 and up would enjoy this book.

Thank you, Isabella, for allowing me to read your book. (I liked how large the print was too. :) ) You are very inspiring and encouraging...keep writing and giving God all the glory!
Click on this link to view Isabella's website and to see other books she has written.

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  1. What a great review Ashley! Such a lovely story it must be, to hear how she accomplished so much in her Bible memorization and how it also applies to our Christian walk with the Lord. It is a special skill to be so accomplished at Bible memorization for sure! Blessings to you today :)


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