Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ants Who Garden

Creation Corner.
Today's Creation Moment: Ants Who Garden!!!

Genesis 2:15
“And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.”
Farming and gardening are said by evolutionists to be very advanced activities. They say that primitive humans did not do these things, and that gardening developed only recently in human history. But if there is a Creator, we would expect that He would have taught many kinds of creatures to care for plants or even trees.
Ants who gardenGuess what? There are even ants who garden. There is a particular type of fierce ant that cares for the South American bull’s horn acacia tree. While the ants don’t need the tree for their survival, they do eat portions of it. But they never eat enough to cause damage to the tree. In fact, the ants protect their tree – they snip off vines or other growth that comes too close to the tree, maintaining plenty of growing room for their tree. The ants are aggressive enough to keep other insects or even birds or larger animals away from their tree.
In studying this amazing relationship, researchers have removed the ants from some of these trees. Within two to fifteen months, the tree is dead. Without the ants’ care, animals eat off all the leaves and surrounding plants overrun it.
Who taught these ants to be gardeners? How could two so very different kinds of life develop such a close relationship? This results in a great mystery for evolution. Without ants you couldn’t evolve the tree, and without the tree, the ants couldn’t learn to care for it. You can’t get around it. Both were created fully formed, and the Creator taught the ants how to care for the tree.

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When I saw this article, I was very excited. I would love to see this ant fighting off the other animals that want to eat the leaves. It's amazing that this tree can't live without this wonderfully created ant. ( But the ant can live without the tree. ) I wish I could see a picture of it. If I find one, I will put it on here. :)
I hope you enjoyed this article.
Have a good day!
Love Ashley

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