Saturday, August 2, 2014

Crime Scene Investigation //God Helps Design a Better Submarine

Yesterday evening, we went to a Crime Scene Investigation class at the library. The teacher told us a bunch of different things that investigators do when they need to find the bad person. They look at their fingerprints, pieces of hair, and any evidence they can find. We looked under the microscope at hair, fingerprints, and "blood". (It was milk mixed with red food coloring.)
This is a piece of hair under the microscope. It was pretty neat!!
I also took some pictures of other things: a fingernail, and my scab. It's really cool how much more you can see under the microscope!! 
This is a fingernail!!!
This is a scab!!!

Creation Corner.

Today's Creation Moment: God Helps Design a Better Submarine!!

Psalm 69:34   "Let the heaven and earth praise Him, the seas,   and everything that moveth therein."

Engineers who design vehicles to move through fluids face a quandary. A torpedo-shaped vehicle can move quickly and efficiently through a fluid like water, but it is difficult to maneuver precisely or get to hover. A boxier vehicle can be designed to hover and move with more precision but lacks speed and efficiency.
Vortex wing helicopterEngineers at the University of Colorado at Boulder have now solved that problem. For their solution they went to the design found in jellyfish and squid. These creatures move through the water very efficiently by expelling water in a vortex ring. So the engineers experimented with various designs until they had small but efficient vortex ring generators. Then they tested them on small vehicles. One of their designs was used to successfully parallel park an unmanned underwater vehicle. This design is expected to be used in much more than underwater vehicles. Engineers also envision tiny capsules equipped with tiny vortex jets cruising through the digestive tract to find or treat diseases.
As ingenious as this design is, this design really gives glory to its original Designer – God. This glory is not just in God's original design of jellyfish and squid but His design of the human brain, which can understand and copy His designs.
 Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend!!!
Walking in His Grace,

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  1. Sorry for my delay due to busy-ness, but I found your blog tonight and will try to follow your instructions. Your blog looks wonderful! I haven' tread everything yet but I will. I think it's great that you can do this and it is so informative and spiritual both. Creation Moments is always so informative, scriptural and inspiring. I hear it every so often. Dr. Mel Moulder is more intellectual but he surely loves the Lord and true science. Your photos are excellent and I want to read all about The Wilds, perhaps tomorrow. Ashley, keep up the good work! I hope your Blog reaches around the world to multitudes. You girls are surely a blessing to us and refreshing in today's crazy world. God Bless! Prov. 3:5,6


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