Saturday, August 16, 2014

The WIlds camp part 2

 This year at the Wilds, they had a camper choir for kids in grades 8th-12th.  They sang, on Thursday night, "Take My Life and Let It Be" to a different tune. (The Wilds did that alot- took songs we know and changed the tunes around. It was pretty cool. ) Here's a picture of the camper choir.
 Here's a little story of something that our cabin had to do on Friday.  Each girl cabin has a brother cabin, and our brother cabin won the Scripture memory. Our cabin memorized 19 verses, and our brother cabin memorized more than that. So they got to "torture" us. :) First we had to jump in the lazy river, in the middle of the water wars. They got to spray us as much as they wanted to. The water was freezing, but it was fun. A few girls in my cabin were screaming because the water was so cold and they were getting squirted. :) I think that made they boys shoot them even more!! Then we had to crab walk to the water tower, and run the rest of the way to the sandy volleyball courts. Guess what we had to do next? Roll in the sand!!! :) Then we had to go and wash the sand off in the freezing cold river.
After we got dressed, everybody met in the service building for final scoring. It's sooooo loud in there because all the teams are doing their cheers. The Blue Ridge Lumber Loggers won!!!! (The poor green team- they had only won once the whole summer. ) After final scoring, blue team had a meeting, and then all the blue team counselors jumped into the freezing river!!!Here's a picture of all the blue team counselors.

 This year, I went on the giant swing with my sister!!! As we were being lifted up, people on the ground were counting down...5...4...3...2...1!!! We dropped and I closed my eyes!! Of course we screamed, and when it dropped me, I lost the thing I put my feet on. The worst part was being dropped, but I am very happy I tried it. :)  
This is the giant swing. You got on the swing under the arch, and it lifted you up backwards. After you dropped, you would swing back and forth.
Here are a few more pictures that I took.
                                                This is our cabin. (The one on the left.)
                                                        This is the lazy/crazy river.
                               Lots of kids went to this yummy place throughout the day.
                                                      And a final picture of the river.  

I just want to mention the we heard by Morris Gleiser. His messages were awesome!  Every morning, we would study a chapter in 2 Timothy. Here is a list of the Scriptures we read.
Aug. 4th, Monday night- Psalms 32:1-11
Aug. 5th, Tuesday morning (chapel)- 2 Timothy 1:1-18
Aug. 5th, Tuesday night-Hosea 4:1-6
Aug. 6th, Wednesday morning- 2 Timothy 2:1-26
Aug. 6th, Wednesday night- Matthew 27:1-26
Aug. 7th, Thursday morning- 2 Timothy 3:1-17
Aug. 7th, Thursday night- Luke 15L:1-2,11-32
Aug. 8th, Friday morning- 2 Timothy 4:1-22
Aug. 8th, Friday night- 1 Samuel 1:3, 1 Samuel 2:12-18, 21-26
If you ever get a chance to hear Mr. Gleiser preach, you should definitely take the opportunity.  I am going to post the notes I took from his sermons soon!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my week at the Wilds.  If you would like to watch the week 10 video that the Wilds made, click here. Did you and your family go anywhere on vacation this summer? Leave me a comment- I would love to hear about your trip!!

With eternity's values in view,


  1. Louise Rector (aka Nana)August 17, 2014 at 4:23 PM

    WOW, this place just makes me want to be young again. I love the cabins, and would love to live in something like that, year round. Especially near the lazy/crazy river. Is there fish in that thar lake? lol. If not, I would stock it with fish, all kinds of fish. Would love to just live out in the WILDS....hike, fish, and then cook them over an open fire. Would have a few chickens running around my cabin too, as I love FRIED chicken! Now, that sounds like real living to me. I think at my age, I would pass getting on the high swing. With my luck, would lose my false teeth when I scream in terror. The cold water wouldn't be a problem as long as there is a camp fire, so I could heat up my bath water. Oh YES, I may be old, but I am not to old to enjoy a place like this. Bet I could beat all of you young whipper-snappers when it comes to canoeing down the river. Memorizing scriptures? Well, my mind isn't what it once was, but would sure give it a good ole fashioned try. So glad you all had such a GREAT time on your trip.

  2. Hi my Ashley, I just read your blog, or e- mail, I should say. It was absolutely wonderful, and I did get
    the pictures. I don't like that they make you jump in ice cold could get really sick, and so
    could the other kids. But I am glad you enjoyed it, and lots of fun doing the swing and other stuff.
    Keep up the good work. I love you. Grandma xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

  3. Hey Ashley.
    I love the pitchures that you took.
    the giant swing is so cool.
    I got to go.
    by Ashley,

  4. Hey Ashley,
    I loved getting to read your view on camp, this was wonderful and so encouraging:) Keep in God's Word and getting to know Him. Love you!
    your counselor,

  5. I love the photo shots that you took Ashley.
    I really love the cool bean's shop. I am so happy the
    blue team won. Even though the lazy river was really hard to float I steal enjoyed it.
    I hope you had alot of fun to. The preaching was great.


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