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Talenti Gelato~ 4th Review

Talenti Gelato Ice Cream Review

Talenti Gelato
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   Here's the difference between gelato and ice cream. (From their website.) 
   Gelato contains less air (also known as overrun) than ice cream, making the flavors much more intense. (Lucky you!) Gelato also has a higher percentage of solids (chocolate/caramel/pure cane sugar), giving it a smooth, velvety texture. It also has less fat than ice cream (since there’s less cream and more milk).

Recently I did a review for Talenti Gelato. I gave Sarah a coupon so she could do a review too. :) Our reviews on the flavors are below. 

Sarah's review: 
Hi ya'll. This is Sarah, Ashley's sister. Today we are both doing reviews on Talenti gelato. I reviewed the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie flavor. 
My first bite consisted of creamy gelato, which I don't think I can describe for a lack of words, with oats in it. As I continued eating, I even ate a raisin with some caramel and maybe even a hint of cookie. Who would think oats and raisins would be in gelato? I sure didn't. ;) Here are the ingredients: milk· sugar· cream· dextrose· molasses· raisins· rolled oats· wheat flour· eggs· vanilla· salt· carob gum· corn starch· baking powder· natural flavors· baking soda· cinnamon· spice· xanthan gum
  I would rate this a 4 on how well it tasted, the quality, and how well it matches the name of the gelato.

Ashley's review: 
I had 2 flavors: Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Double Dark Chocolate. 
As always, the vanilla was super delicious. I L.O.V.E vanilla ice cream, but the gelato was even better. It was soft, very creamy, and melted fast, may I add. 
The Double Dark Chocolate was very good. I loved the chocolate chips that were in every bite. If you are a huge chocolate lover, you'll love this gelato because of the extra chocolate that was added in it. Another plus to both of these flavors of gelato is that they are all natural and healthy which makes me feel better while eating it!  Sarah and I compared the gelato to our supermarket's brand of ice cream, which we used to think was good, and we could definitely tell a difference. The gelato was so much better tasting!! Here are the ingredients.
Vanilla-  milk· sugar· cream· dextrose· vanilla· lemon· carob gum
Double Dark Chocolate- milk· sugar· chocolate· cream· eggs· dextrose· dutched cocoa· vermouth· carob gum· soy lecithin· vanilla
 I definitely recommend both of these flavors. I rate both of them with 5 gold stars. 

*Special thanks to Talenti company for allowing me to do this review. Keep up the good work.*

I hope you enjoyed this review. If this ice cream is available in your area, I would definitely recommend trying it.
Be sure to leave a comment and tell me if you have tried any of these flavors, or you plan on trying them soon. :) 

Hope everyone is doing well. 
Have a God-filled week. 
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  1. Mmmmm, sounds good! I think they sell it near us. I want to try some! ;P

  2. Yum!! I love your ice cream reviews!!

  3. Hey Ash,
    I loved the double dark chocolate.
    It was so yummy.
    I did not really like the oatmeal raisin cookie though.


  4. Even though you didn't get Sea Salt Carmel, I still think that is the best one.


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