Sunday, September 20, 2015

Three Twins Ice Cream~3rd review

Hello friends! 
A while ago I reviewed Three Twins Ice Cream, but never got around to posting the review. So here it is.

About (from website): Our ice cream incorporates fresh, organic ingredients. We start with a simple base of milk, cream, sugar and eggs, sweeten it with evaporated cane juice and stir in other delicious ingredients for a tasty finish. What we don’t put in is just as important as what we do put in. Our ice cream does not include the artificial coloring, flavors and stabilizers common in conventional and some organic brands. No corn syrup or seaweed derivatives here! To learn more, click HERE
For this review, I received 5 coupons which I redeemed for the following flavors: 
Vanilla Bean
Caramel Truffle Swirl
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
Banana Nut Confetti
Chocolate Malt

My fabulous sister Lauren did the review with me, so I'm going to be sharing her thoughts as well as mine. :) 

Vanilla Bean-
Lauren's thoughts: I think it was very creamy, rich, and one of the best vanillas I've tasted in my  life. 
Ashley's thoughts: I thought it was super creamy, sweet, and delicious. Of course I would think that since I'm a huge vanilla fan, but anyway...
 Caramel Truffle Swirl-
Lauren's thoughts:  I really liked it and I could eat the whole container in one setting.
Ashley's thoughts: There were pieces of truffle and caramel chunks swirled in the ice cream, which was a blend of caramel and chocolate-so sweet!
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup-
Lauren's thoughts: I loved the texture, and the peanut butter was rich.
Ashley's thoughts:  The peanut butter cups were really peanut buttery, but at the same time, really chocolaty- like the chocolate malt ice cream. The ice cream itself didn't have an overpowering taste of peanut butter. It was delicious!
Banana Nut Confetti- 
Lauren's thoughts: I didn't like the banana pieces throughout the ice cream, or the nuts.
Ashley's thoughts: This ice cream tasted just like banana bread. I liked the banana pieces that were in the ice cream. 
My sister Sarah enjoyed it though. It all depends on your taste.
Chocolate Malt-  
 Lauren's thoughts: It is very yummy, chocolatey and rich. You should definitely try it. 
Ashley's thoughts: This ice cream was so good! It's purely organic; like Lauren said, it is very rich and sweet. This was my 2nd favorite next to the vanilla.

Vanilla Bean
Lauren: - 4 stars
Ashley: 5 stars 

Carmel Truffle Swirl
Lauren: 5 stars
Ashley: 4 stars

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
Lauren: 5 stars
Ashley: 5 stars

Banana Nut Confetti
Lauren: 1 star
Ashley: 2 stars

Chocolate Malt
Lauren: 5 stars
Ashley: 5 stars

Overall: I highly recommend Three Twins ice cream. They're 100% organic and their ice cream is simply delectable. I would recommend all of the ice creams we reviewed to everyone, except for the Banana Nut Confetti. If you don't like banana bread, this wouldn't be your kind of ice cream. But if you do, then you'll love it! :) 

I want to give a huge thank you to Three Twins for making this review possible.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I really want to have that caramel truffle swirl flavour! It sounds delicious! Great review! I wish I was able to do some ice cream reviews someday! :)


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