Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Attitude of Gratitude Days 1-3

Good evening friends.

You may have wondered why I haven't posted in over a week. That's because mommy, Sarah and I took a little four day vacation to South Carolina to visit Bob Jones University. We took a tour of the college, and enjoyed our time so much, especially the cool weather and the beautiful scenery of the leaves changing colors. 😊

Since it's November, it is time for the...... Attitude of Gratitude: Always have a thankful heart series!!!  I found a November inspiration challenge, (something a little different than other years) and am going to post a picture each day of something on the list I'm thankful for. Here are numbers 1-3.

The first thing on the list is: 
1. A person you're thankful for.
Can I list 2 people? I am so extremely thankful for my parents. I don't know where I would be without them. They've invested so much in my life, guided me, taught me about the things of the Lord, and I am so blessed to call them my parents.

2.  A place you're thankful for.
I'm thankful for the little "reading nook" I created which is located next to my bed. I sit there often to write, read, take a nap, etc.   😊 

 3. A food you're thankful for.
I'm so thankful we were able to get a pumpkin this year. Sarah is planning out what pumpkin goodies she wants to make on the weekend, and others in our family are looking forward to eating roasted pumpkin seeds.  ☺

What person, place, and food are you thankful for today?

Blessings in Christ,
1 Thessalonians 5:18
In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.


  1. I loved this post Ashley! Ooo, your reading nook looks so comfy! :)

  2. Each of these are marvelous things to be thankful for. :)

    I am thankful for my amazing and patient husband, the chair I am sitting in right now, and I would agree with pumpkin for the food. I've been using it quite a lot too. :D

  3. Sweet post! I never thought about making a little reading nook like that but it seems quite nice. :)

  4. Hello, Ashley: GREAT job you are doing, and I am so blessed by all that you post. (1) The person I am thankful for, is my son, James Michael Rector, who passed away a few years ago, from cancer. He was such a blessing to me, and a son I am so proud of. I thank God, that he loaned him to me for 41 years. I miss him so much. (2) The place I am thankful for, is Martin County Baptist Church, of Stuart. We have been meeting now for about 7 weeks, and I love that they teach the truth of the Bible, and that though we are small in number, they are a very friendly church, and on fire for God. (3) My number one food, that I love the most, is pecan pie. (don't tell my doctor. lol) God bless you Ashley, and keep on keeping on. Love you!! Louise Rector

  5. enjoyed these thankful things you shared.

  6. God! He is my Bff!!!!!!!!!!!! My bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!! And food...hmmm does soup and crackers count? LoL


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