Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pictures from this week.

Hello everybody!!! Here are some pictures from our busy week.
This is a family of crabs. There was a dad, mom, two little babies, and another one that was hanging out with them.

Yesterday, we went to a botany class at the library.
We got to look at different things under microscopes. Learning about plants was very enjoyable!!

The teacher had placed celery in water that was mixed with food-coloring. The celery was green, yellow, orange and red. I thought that was pretty neat.

This is a picture of flower pollen under the microscope.

This is a root of a bean plant under the microscope.

This is another root under the microscope. :)

We dissected this seed, and this is what was inside of it. Pretty cool!!!!

This flower was half red and half white. The teacher had split the stem, and placed one in red-dyed water and the other half in clear water.

This is what the stem looked like.          
This flower is half blue and half white.

This flower is orange and yellow. :)

This was a beautiful flower that smelled delicious!!

And this is our cute little patriotic pooch!!!!

That's all the pictures for right now.

Creation Corner. 
Today's Creation Moment: Were you once a fish?

Romans 1:25 
“Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.”

In 1866, a German scientist and strong supporter of Darwin, Ernst Haeckel, got into trouble for faking evidence. He supposedly showed that developing embryos go through the earlier evolutionary stages of their species. The scientific community investigated his so called discovery and found that he had faked his drawings. Unfortunately, some textbooks today – well over a century later – still present this faked evidence in support of evolution.
Genuine gill slits on a grey reef sharkAs a result, many people today still believe this false scientific theory. One of the most widely used “evidences” used to support this idea today is the claim that the developing human fetus has “gill slits” at one point in its development. In fact, a United States ambassador used this argument in support of abortion in an issue of National Review.
The truth is, the developing fetus has folds of skin around its neck that contain the developing organs found in the neck. These folds have nothing in common with gills. While no scientist today accepts this theory – and it is even refuted in most encyclopedias – it can still be found in textbooks used by high school students! Why? It would seem that few scientists have the courage to challenge this idea they know is wrong because it might make them appear to oppose evolution! But even worse is that this anti scientific idea continues to be used as a “scientific” justification for abortion.
Yes, it’s true. The wrong view on origins can result in some disastrous “science” as well as human suffering!

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Love how the carnations look with the food coloring. I need some of these in my room! Sarah


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