Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Doctors Study GOD

 Creation Corner
Today's Creation Moment: Doctors Study GOD
John 11:11-12 "These things said he: and after that he saith unto them, Our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go, that I may awake him out of sleep. Then said his disciples, Lord, if he sleep, he shall do well."

Physicians have been mystified by and are in the process of studying GOD. But in this case, the acronym "GOD" stands for "generation of diversity." The diversity that amazes them is the diversity found in our immune system. While we have fewer than 100,000 genes, our immune system is able to generate tens of millions of distinct antibodies to defend and protect itself from disease. How can only 100,000 genes produce thousands of times that many antibodies?
A single white blood cell (yellow) engulfing anthrax bacteriaActually, we have two immune systems. The first is called the innate system. This rapid response system relies on common characteristics found in most microbes to bind and conquer them. The second immune system is called the combinatorial immune system. It is this second immune system that generates tens of millions of different and very specific antibodies. Its response is slower than the innate system because it responds to an infection by making and sending a variety of antibodies at invaders. Depending on which antibodies recognize the invader, the combinatorial system then begins to manufacture more specific antibodies until the invader is conquered.
Researchers studying the details of the immune system are astonished at how evolution could design such a complex, ingenious and precise system. Even from a scientific standpoint, the simpler explanation is that our immune system, like everything else, was created by an all wise, all-powerful Creator!


  1. Very interesting article. Truly, the making of our bodies are very complex. I know that for instance, if someone falls into a frozen pond, and goes without oxygen for several hours, it is possible that they can be revived. This is because the body protects itself by slowing down it's vital organs. This is similar to the way the bears hibernate for the winter, without eating or drinking. They wake up thin, but still alive, and all their body parts still function. The human's heart barely beats, under freezing water....the body takes in no oxygen, but still, the heart is pumping enough blood to the brain, etc., and their is oxygen in the blood.....enough to keep the body from dying, while submerged in this cold water. This is not the case if a person falls into warm water, as the body does not "hibernate" like it does in cold water. Everything in our body serves a purpose. The heart to pump blood through-out our bodies....the lungs to provide oxygen to the brain, and through-out our bodies....Our teeth, to grind our food, so it can more easily be absorbed into our bodies, providing us with the vitamins and minerals we need to have healthy bodies. AMAZING CREATIONS we are, and JEHOVAH GOD formed us, while we were yet in the womb. How amazing is that!!! GREAT JOB on your article Ashley. Keep 'em coming!!!!

    Louise Rector

  2. Hey, Ash I wish you would crack the eggs.


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