Friday, July 17, 2015

Vacation Bible School Week

Greetings to you all. 

This week our church had Vacation Bible School. I worked in the 4 year old's class...those little kids just melt my heart! There was this one little boy, Jay, who was the cutest boy! He had two little dimples on his face when he smiled, and he liked to be cuddled. When he saw me walking toward his row today, his face lit up like a sunbeam, and he sat on my lap during the final closing. :)

There were soooo many kids that attended our Space Themed VBS this year...more than any other year. The kids learned new songs, one of which I had never heard before. You can click on the video below to listen to The Crayon Box Song.

      Seek Ye First was another song that was kinda new to the children. 
                  Another song the kids loved is Happy All the Time. 
If you have younger brothers and sisters, they would probably enjoy singing this song with you. :)
Even though we were tired when we arrived home each day, I wish so bad it would go on for another week, because it was so much fun.  :D I didn't take many pictures, so you can click here to view tons of pictures and some videos! 

August is Creation Moment month, ya'll!!! That means I'm going to be posting a Creation Moment every day! 

Well, that's all I have for now, folks.  Goodbye!!

Yours truly in Christ,

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