Saturday, October 4, 2014

Awesome Books!

Well, last week and this week, we have been getting alot of rain! And I mean, alot! Our yard is saturated with water. The sun shines in the day, and sometimes at night, it rains alot. Last night, it rained really hard.
This is how the sky looked last night. That huge grey, almost black, cloud was covering a huge space in the sky. But we could still see a clear blue sky and white clouds amidst that dark, rain-filled cloud.

Then, my sister found this baby gecko. She caught it in a net and brought it inside to show me. It's mom was waiting outside, probably on the wall. 
She called it, an Australian Baby Gecko. It's really not an Australian Baby Gecko- she just named it that. :) I said, "How do you know it's not an Australian Baby Gecko?" She answered, "Because it wouldn't live in Florida." ;) 

I also just wanted to write a quick review about some awesome books I have read for the 2nd time.
There are 4 books in "The Baker Family Adventures" by C.R. Hedgcock, and let me tell you, these are such good, clean, adventurous books! They're good for any age to read, and they have alot of suspense in them.
The 1st book is called "Summer of Suspense."
It's about a family of 6- the parents, 3 boys, Phi, Andy, Tom and 1 girl, Abby, whose cousin, Millie, comes to visit, and she ends up getting kidnapped at a horse auction.

The 2nd book, "Peril on Providence Island" is also very intriguing. The Bakers get stuck on an island with some men who are desperate to find a hidden treasure chest which is full of money. It reminds me of 1 Timothy 6:10. "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." Since the men in this book loved money, they would do anything to get it. We should not love worldly possesions as much as we should love the One w

The 3rd book, "Riddle of the Ruby Ring, is about a ring that is found on the Baker's Neighbor's Property. The children try to find it's rightful owner, and it seems that everyone they talk to says it's theirs. After the Baker's dad and their neighbor's kid's dad gets kidnapped, a detective, Phil and Andy use clues to find the dads. Will they find them before the dynamite explodes in the building where they're at?

In the 4th book,"The Treacherous Trail" the Baker family, along with the neighbor family, go on a retreat. The boys and the dads spend a few days hiking and then plan to return back to the cabins. But, little did they know they would find themselves in a dangerous situation. 
Treacherous Trail

So, I hope you want to read these books!! Vision Forum used to sell them, but since they're no longer in business, you can find them here.

Have a blessed weekend!!
Yours in Christ,

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  1. And then there is me. lol. I have NEVER read but ONE book in my entire life, other than the Bible. It was, "Cotton in my sack." Took place in Arkansas. I tried with all my might, to throw that book down. I just couldn't. It held me like a magnet! It was similar to Huckelberry Finn. I am glad that you "spilled the beans" on these books, because I will never read them. Just being honest. You did make the books sound very interesting however, and I am sure people will be drawn to them because of your description of the books. I know it is strange, how I can be so drawn to reading the Bible, but yet when it comes to other books, I have no interest at all. But then again, I DID choose the BEST BOOK EVER, to read, so all is good!


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