Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wasp Nest // Fun Biology Class

This morning, Lauren and I knocked down a wasp nest that had many eggs in it. (Last night, daddy sprayed the nest with poison to kill all the wasps.) After the nest fell in a bucket, we took 2 sticks and pulled some eggs out. We opened the eggs and pulled out the larva. Here's what it looked like.
                    I opened another egg and a bigger larva was in it.
                    The larva was more developed in the next egg...
Here's the pupa. It looks kind-of like a wasp, but it still has some growing to do.
Here's the adult. When we pulled it out of the egg, it was still moving it's feet a little bit!
Here's a close up of the adult wasp.
And here's all the different stages: larva, pupa, adult.
 Since I talked about these wasps, I thought I'd tell you a story. A couple years ago, Lauren and I found a bee's nest out by the chicken coop. We shooed away the bees and brought the nest inside so we could look at the eggs and larvae under the microscope our grandpa had given us. (Note: we did not kill them. We just took away their nest, chased the bees away and made them mad. ) We put it on a table out in the porch and forgot about it for a couple of days. Then Lauren came out in the porch and saw a few adult bees crawling on the nest! She excitedly told everyone that the bees hatched and were crawling all over the nest!! Well, mommy wanted it to be taken outside as soon as possible, but no one wanted to touch the nest with bees all over it! And mommy didn't want to spray poison in the house and get it on us, so Lauren just ever so slowly, pushed the nest onto a piece of cardboard and started carrying it outside. (We were all walking with her making sure the bees didn't fly away.) When she was just about halfway to the door, they all started flying around and she dropped the nest!! It was a funny scene: mommy trying to smash the bees with something and someone getting very a little upset, :) while we're all trying to shoo them outside and keep track of how many there were. It was chaotic, but finally, we managed to kill some. The rest escaped and flew outside. And that was the end of our little adventure with bees in our house. :)

I had a very fun Biology class today. After we had gone over our lesson, our teacher gave us candy to make a plant cell or an animal cell. I choose to make a plant cell. Here's a picture of my cell.
Sorry about the circles. I created a picture shortcut and was going to write what the candy was supposed to be on one picture and then show the other picture without any circles. Well, it saved the circles on both pictures and I can't take it off. :(
The container is the cell wall. The red string around it is the plasma membrane. For the cytoplasm, we used whip cream. The nerds are the ribosomes. The rainbow strips right in front is the smooth ER. (They don't have any ribosomes on them, but the rough ER does.) The chocolate ball on the left was the nucleolus. The rough ER is the red strips to the right. A sweet tart was the vacuole and the bottle caps represented the Golgi body. (The Golgi body looks kind of like a stack of pancakes.) The yellow sweet tart in the top right corner is the leucoplast. And the yellow jelly beans represented the central vacuole. The chloroplast is represented by the green gummy to the right of the yellow jelly beans. And finally, the rainbow strip to the top right of the chocolate ball is the mitochondrion.
I hope you enjoyed this post! :) Have a fabulous evening!!!
Have you ever made a candy model of something? :)

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  1. I loved the story of the bees. It was so funny. Didn't realize Lauren was so brave. Thought it would be you, Ashley, who would take the bees outside on cardboard. You just THINK this is the end of the story of the bees in your house. Heh, heh. You guys killed their relatives, and they are hanging around your home, just waiting for the chance to get even with you. I've always heard that bees never forget. Oh, that's elephants.


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