Saturday, October 11, 2014

Precise Blood

Creation Corner
Today's Creation Moment: Precise Blood.
Genesis 9:4 "But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall you not eat."
While most would agree that our circulatory system is vital to life, many of us don't fully appreciate the almost miraculous workings of that system.
Your heart pumps about one-hundred thousand times every day. That means that your heart pumps the equivalent of 10 tons of blood every day or 80 million gallons in a lifetime. Your circulatory system brings that blood to every cell in your body through a capillary network that is so large that the combined capillaries of only four people, stretched end to end, would reach from the Earth to the moon!
Transmission electron microscope image of a capillary with a red blood cell within the pancreas
But your circulatory system involves quality as well as quantity. The chemistry of your blood is monitored and adjusted to within incredibly fine limits to keep it in precise balance second by second, day by day, year in, year out. For example, the acidity of your blood is adjusted constantly to within one part in a hundred million.
Our circulation system cannot be simply "good enough"; it has to work perfectly. So if mindless evolution created us, it had to make the whole system perfect the first time. There is no room for millions of years or for a poorer circulation system to be improved by mutations. Here, the facts clearly support Scripture, strongly indicating that we were created in finished form – not developed slowly by trial and error.

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  1. I find it total foolishness, for anyone to think that we got here, any other way, than by the creation of God. Excellent article on the way the Blood works in our bodies, Ashley. EVERYTHING in our bodies is crafted by God, and has a specific work to do. We may get things out of whack by what we eat, or by lack of exercise, but God intended for us to have healthy bodies. SIN also brings sickness and death to our bodies, per Scripture. Scripture says that when Sin is finished, it brings forth death. Thanking God for our good health, should be something that we do on a daily basis.


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