Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tae Kwon Do promotion!

Yesterday, Saturday, October 11th, we had our Tae Kwon Do promotion from white belt to yellow belt. I was very nervous, but after we started, my nervousness went away. :)We got there at 9:30 and practiced some kicks. The yellow belts were going to promote to orange belt with us, so we had to take turns showing Mr. Morris, the man who runs Kids Kickin' for Christ, our forms and 1 steps. All the white belts did the form together, and then we watched the yellow belts do their form and their 1 steps.Then we white belts did our one steps. Next, all the white belts found their boards, and sat down. We went up one at a time and broke the board using the Step Behind Side Kick. It took me 2 tries to break the board. Sarah's board was a really tough one to break. She kept trying and trying but it wouldn't break. A helper took Sarah aside and let her kick at a foam target. Then when Sarah tried again, the board finally broke! :) Deborah broke her board on the first try and Lauren broke hers on the second try. Then we watched the yellows belts break their boards with the Axe Kick.  Next, we all lined up and sat down. Mr. Morris picked 4 kids to tell him the 4 white belt Bible verses, and some kids with yellow belts told him their Bible verses and the yellow belt creed. Then he came by each one of us and gave us our yellow belts. (For the yellow belt kids, he gave them their orange belt.) Finally, we all lined up at the wall and got our pictures. :) It was fun, actually. Sorry, there's no pictures or videos.  Daddy took a video, but it's very blurry, and the pictures are blurry too. :(  Maybe next time. Hope you enjoyed reading about our little fun experience. :)

Have you ever done Tae Kwon Do or a self defense class? Leave me a comment! I would love to hear from you!!! :)


  1. I have never done any self defense class but it would be rather cool!

  2. I have done taekwondo! And you and your sisters did very well at the promotion. =)


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