Saturday, January 28, 2017

Going Once....Going Twice.....Sold!!!!!!!!!

Good afternoon to all of you!
If you have been wondering what's happened to me, yes I'm still alive, and no, I'm not planning to stop blogging. :)  I just took a very long break is all.   By the way, happy new year.   :)
I have quite a few pictures to share, so without further ado, here are some snapshots from December and this month. 

The middle of this tomato looks like a dove with its wings spread out. 
Do you see it?

 This is the first fresh tomato picked this year. 

As you know, Deborah raised a pig for the South Florida Fair. 
Sarah, Deborah, Lauren, and I went to the fair in the early afternoon
on Friday (the 20th). Since the showmanship was that evening, Deborah
washed Cookie, and then Sarah helped her prepared herself. Enjoy these
photos taken at the fair.

Now that is some pig!
Here's Cookie, all ready to be auctioned off. (Do you like 
the red bow in her ear? :)

In our family, it always seems like the camera batteries 
die on us at times when we need to take a picture or video, so I 
brought two new ones with me to ensure that wouldn't happen. Well,
the auction started and I began videotaping. Wouldn't you know it, I 
accidentally switched the new batteries out with the old ones, so the camera
died a few seconds after the auction started. After quickly changing back to the
new batteries, I was able to capture the last few seconds of the auction. Sadly, the last
video won't upload. But all in all, it was a fun evening up until the time we had to say 
goodbye to Cookie.  (Deborah, Gretchen (Deborah's friend) Lauren, and I were able to 
go on the rides for free since we had livestock passes. 😃

Cookie weighed 296 lbs. and was bought by U.S. Sugar for $4.50 a lb.

What have you been up to lately? I would love to hear from you!