Tuesday, February 25, 2020

In the Beginning, God Made Daddies and Daughters...

This month people all across the world celebrated Valentine's Day which is associated with love and loving others. Around Valentine's day, I heard young girls complain about how they don't have a valentine. And then they would talk about how they were hoping some boy at their school would ask them to be his valentine, and if he didn’t, well they would just ask him. That started me thinking, and hence this post.

In the beginning, God created daddies and daughters. 💗 

I think God gave girls very special valentines. Girls are different than boys. They want to know they are loved, special, cherished, and important. They seek affirmation. Girls want to be loved by a male figure, and there's no one better to give them the love and affirmation they crave than their daddy. Growing up I never wanted or longed for a "valentine." My daddy was my valentine. He loved me. He gave me hugs. He played with me. He spent time with me. He said "I love you" often. He held me in his lap. I was special and important to him and I knew it. Girls I know who were sad they didn't have a valentine don't have a father in their lives. Their mom might have a boyfriend or there might be a step-father, but he's not their daddy. Even though girls may shrug off the fact they don’t have a dad around, or tell their friends “it’s okay” or “I’m used to it,” the fact is they are probably hurting inside and the father’s absence is deeply felt and noticed. As wonderful as they are, mothers just can not fill the role of mom and dad. Both need to be present. I think another reason girls need daddies to be an important part of their lives is because dads give them a little glimpse about God, and God as our father. Tragically, many daddies today hurt their daughters, and the daughters grow up having a distorted view of God. When I see little girls growing up without a dad, it breaks my heart.
On this day in February, if you are blessed to know the love of your earthly daddy, why don’t you take a moment to give thanks to God for him. And if not, you can be thankful for the amazing, unending love of a perfect heavenly Father. 💗

Fathers are so special 
To the daughters that they love.
They beam with pride and joy 
At their gift from God above.

As the daughters grow to women
And go into the world,
The father and the daughter know
“She’ll always be Daddy’s little girl.”

Fathers are so special.
They help mold our hearts and minds.
Their example and their love 
Last through their child’s life time.

-author unknown