Monday, January 13, 2020

Martin Legacy ~ Book Review

About the book:
Gemma Ebworthy is a struggling single mother—but not for much longer. Engaged to a kind-hearted farmer boy, her turbulent life is looking more stable at last, but troubles are still on the horizon. It seems their efforts to build a legacy for their unique family are constantly under siege.

Farris cherishes the only life he’s ever known, even though he feels more called to the mission field than his adoptive father’s fields. Growing up among extended family and in the Christian faith, he’s always had a firm foundation.

 Yet when the past Gemma is so ashamed of—the one Farris can’t even remember—comes calling again, the life they’ve built is put to the test. For it to remain standing, Gemma is going to have to silence her demons once and for all. But this time, she’s not alone.

My thoughts:
First of all, I just have to say I'm thrilled that Martin Legacy is out! After reading Martin Hospitality, I was just itching to read a sequel, and I'm so glad Abi has written it! Of course, I have to mention the lovely cover. Both books have beautiful watercolor covers, and they fit the story very well. Watercolor paintings are my favorite!  :)
This is the sequel to Abi's first book, Martin Hospitality (you can read my review of it here), and the story picks up right where it ended in the first book. It follows Josiah, Gemma, and Farris' life as a family as they learn to depend on God, trust each other, and forgive and let go of the mistakes of the past. There were two things I especially liked about the way the author wrote the story. First, even though it was more focused on Josiah and Gemma's life, the reader still gets a glimpse of the Martin family's life. Second, there were many years covered, including Farris' growing up years, and the story doesn't end on a cliffhanger or leave the reader wondering about what happens next. Unlike Martin Hospitality, the story of Martin Legacy is much more relaxed and doesn't have as much going on at one time. Both books were well written, so much fun to read, and very much enjoyed. Abi is one of my favorite authors, and you can purchase her books on amazon: Martin Hospitality , Martin Legacy & Andora's Folly
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*I received this book from the author and provided my honest review.*