Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude-Always Have a Thankful Heart Day 10

Sorry I couldn't post yesterday- I was so busy with school and other things I didn't have time to write a post. :( So I am writing it today. 
I am thankful for:
  • Missionaries. They are so needed. Each one of you can be a missionary right where you're at; you're never too young or too old to serve God.
  • Blogger friends! I have met so many friends through blogging! Speaking of that, Clare over at Clare's Spot awarded me the Blogger Recognition Award. I have never done this before, but I am going to give it a try. :)
    What I am supposed to do: Write why I started my blog.
I wrote my first post on May 4th. Before I started this blog, I had a fake blog, for my sisters to read, for over a year. :) I also like to keep journals and I love taking pictures. I wanted to put my pictures somewhere other than on my computer, and I asked my parents if I could have a blog. At first they didn't want me to, but then they decided I could. I love blogging, and I am grateful I am able to do it. I also wanted to encourage others in their walk in the Lord because I love Him so much!
Now I'm supposed to nominate some people: I nominate Anna Robinson over at Prepare Me to be a Sanctuary, Julia over at Writing For His Glory, Sarah over at An Account of an Awkward Flower, Catherine over at I Have Been So Blessed!!!, Tashia over at Joyfully Living 4 Jesus, Luda and Luba over at From the Life of a Teenager, Rachel over at "When You Walk Through Fire..." and Bethany over at Liberty or Death. 
Now you just have to copy and paste this picture, and write a little story about why you started blogging. And you have to nominate some people, too!  
  • Piano lessons. I love practicing the piano, and I love playing for my sisters to sing!
Have a lovely night!


  1. I am now wondering just how may times Julia had been nominated for this award :D

  2. How awesome that you play the piano and your sisters sing! I think it is special when families practice music together.
    It takes special people to be missionaries.
    Thank you for the blogger recognition award!

  3. Thank you for nominating me! I wont be doing a blog post about this because of a personal conviction, so here is why I started blogging: I started in 2013 with the desire to encourage other young ladies in their walk with the Lord! It has been fun and I SO enjoy getting comments!! :) I really enjoy blogging, meeting new friends (through blogging) and looking at other blogs!


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