Sunday, November 23, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude-Always Have a Thankful Heart Day 21

I am thankful for:
  • Our pool. We loved swimming in it when it was summertime, but we have stopped swimming in it since it has gotten cooler out.
  • Clean water. Many countries don't have clean water to drink. People drink dirty water and get sick. We are very blessed to have clean water to drink without getting sick from it. I thought of a creation moment that talks about a water bug.
Creation Corner. He Walks on Water.
Isaiah 55:8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD."       
Whenever water is in contact with air, one of the most delicate structures in the universe is created. That structure is called surface tension. Surface tension is created because water molecules touching the air move just a little bit closer to one another, forming a delicate "skin" on the water.
Water striders using water surface tension when mating
The water strider is one of the very few insects that can actually walk upon this delicate and extremely thin "skin" formed by surface tension. However, should he need to, he can dive right through it. Each of his six legs ends in a foot looking something like a snowshoe that spreads his weight on the water surface. The bottom of each foot is covered with sensitive hairs and a tiny oil gland to prevent the hairs from getting wet. Those hairs are also very sensitive to vibrations so that the water strider knows who is beneath him as he skates across the surface. Unlike most other insects, the strider is actually covered with hairs, and these provide for flotation when he dives for food.

Only the Creator of all things could have known about surface tension and design a creature that can literally walk on water. Doesn't He deserve our worship and praise, especially since He did not even spare the life of His only Son to save us when we were lost to Him?
  • Our lungs. We should all be thankful for lungs. Without them, we wouldn't be living. (Actually, without a lot of our organs, and without God, we wouldn't be alive.) Here's a creation moment about the amazing lungs.
Creation Corner. Vacuum Cleaner Lungs.
Genesis 2:7 "And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."       
The air we breathe has always been filled with dust particles. And whether it is dust blown off the ground, smoke particles, or tiny particles of fabric or even paper in the house, these particles find their way deep into our lungs.
The human lungs flank the heart and great vessels in the chest cavity
In His wisdom, our Creator has provided us with tiny, but effective "vacuum cleaners" in our lungs that collect and remove the particles that enter the lungs. These "vacuum cleaner" cells are actually a specific type of macrophage. They work in the deepest part of the lung, reaching out with tubular extensions to engulf any particle in much the same way that an amoeba eats. This "vacuum cleaner" essentially eats the particles it finds, and every one of these "vacuum cleaner" cells can clean an area forty times its own size.

Scientists say that they still do not fully understand whether certain particles, like poisonous heavy metals, affect the working of these cells. They suspect that certain particles may prevent these "vacuum cleaners" from effectively doing their work.
Though science has known about macrophages for over a century, scientists are only just beginning to learn how these cells actually clean the lungs. We can be very thankful that we have a Creator Who is not only clever enough to think of our need, but wise enough to know how to design a solution.
Well, that's all for today!
                                                      What are you thankful for?

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  1. Vacuum Cleaner Lungs. Interesting. I am thankful that I have been through so many hardships in my life-time. This may seem strange to be thankful for tough times, but it is because of this, that I feel I can go through just about anything that comes my way. It is God's way of toughening us up....getting us to depend more on him.....and getting us to be thankful for when the time of REST comes our way. I have been through a rough childhood...being married to a man who cheated constantly on me, and finally he committed bigomy....and most recently, losing my oldest son to Colon Cancer. I see Gods strong and mighty hand in all that took place, and he gave me the strength to get through it all. I use to say that I couldn't wait to leave home, as my dad was very, very strict, and I got my share of hits with a belt. However, I am thankful for each lick that I got. I learned to keep my word when I gave on time for work and everyplace I go....take care of myself and not expect others to do it for me....and above all, be GRATEFUL for even the small things in life. I have seen MIRACLES take place in my life, more than once, and like King David, I KNOW I have favor with God. So, we shouldn't whine when things go wrong, because God could be allowing it to happen to build endurance and character in us. He may be preparing us to do a special work on his behalf. Rejoice in troubles and trials, as they will soon come to an end, and we will have all eternity to REST and enjoy the wonderful things that heaven will bestow upon us. I am THANKFUL to know JESUS CHRIST as my Lord and Savior. That is what I am MOST thankful for.

    Louise Rector


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