Saturday, November 8, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude-Always Have a Thankful Heart Day 8

I am thankful for:
  • Couches
  • Chairs
  • Trees and Plants. Planting season, for me, began today. :) We got manure from our neighbor, and put it around our plants. I weeded my garden and pulled up a dead okra plant. There is one more okra plant that has 1 or 2 more buds left, and I am waiting for it to produce its last okra so I can mix up the soil. I planted 3 parsley seeds, 5 tomato seeds (there were 2 different kinds that I planted) 3 pepper seeds, and 6 green bean seeds (there were also 2 different kinds that I planted). I was going to plant 8 or 9 broccoli seeds, but I couldn't find the bag. :( A couple years ago, I grew, and collected enough broccoli seeds to fill half of a 1 quart bag! If I find them, I will post a picture of how small the seeds are. They're tinier than basil seeds! )
The Guava trees started producing a couple weeks ago. Guavas have lots of seeds in them, but are very yummy. Here's a picture of the guavas.
Here's a close up of a cluster of guavas.
I was taking a picture of this guava, and I didn't even realize there was a frog sitting on it!! :) The frog is on the guava in the picture above this one, too. :) One day, I would like to make guava jelly.
Have you ever eaten a guava?


  1. I don't think I have ever eaten a guava... By the way Ashley I have nominated you for a blogger award.

  2. No, I've never tried guava! Neat that you captured a photo of a frog without even knowing it. Do you like okra? My mom grew some several years, but I never developed a taste for it.

    1. Hey Bethany,
      In answer to your question, I have grown alot of okra over the past years, and I have just usually given it away. I don't like it and I don't dislike it. You know what I mean? :) It's really stringy if you leave it on the plant too long, and I tried to cook it a few weeks ago, and none of my family really liked it.
      Have a lovely night!

  3. Yes, I have tried a guava before. I don't like them that much though. They have too many seeds in them.

  4. I have eaten MANY guavas, and I do like them. We actually had a guava tree in our yard, in the Everglades, and us kids would go pick them off the tree, get the salt shaker and eat them with salt sprinkled on them. GOOD! I had an Aunt, (Mom's sister), who died at the age of seven years, as she ate guavas, and the seeds somehow entered her appendix. This was many years ago, and she quickly developed bacteria in her appendix, and passed away. Mom said she knew she was dying, and looked at Mom and said, "Dottie, I want you to have all my toys....I am going home to be with Jesus." Mom said she passed away about five minutes later. Mom never did like for us kids to eat guavas because of what happened to her sister, but she also realized that what happened to her sister, was a rare occurrence.

  5. I apologize. I wrote the post above, regarding Mom's sister dying from getting guava seeds in her appendix, and bacteria setting in. I broke the rule of not signing my name, when I post. Again, so sorry, Ashley. Just a quick note to anyone out there who may have heard of guava Duff. I am so afraid the instructions for making it, went to the grave with Mom. I just know that Mom seeded the guavas, cut up the guavas in small pieces, and mixed up the guavas, sugar, milk, flour, and I have no idea what else. She put it in a coffee can, that had a couple of holes punched out in the bottom of the can, and then cut out the entire top of the can. She poured this mixture in the coffee can, and set the can in a large pot of boiling water, untll it was done. She made a pure white HOT topping, that she poured over this guava cake. I only know it had egg whites and sugar in it. It was the BEST dessert I have ever eaten in my life. For years, I have tried to find someone who might know the recipe. My Mom's brother told Mom to leave the recipe with my sister or I, as Mom was the only one that we knew of who made this fabulous dessert, and we didn't want it to go out of existence. Sadly, it seems to have done just that. If you know the recipe, please post it to Ashley's sight. I will be checking back. THANKS. Louise


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